Increasing Access

As a leading eLearning provider, Pearson is at the forefront of innovative, effective solutions for blended learning and fully online learning. Our expert consultants will work with you to find the right integrated solution to fit your institution's needs – bringing together content, technology and services to increase access to education while keeping costs reasonable.

Supporting Growing Enrollments

Higher education leaders are under increasing pressure to provide quality education to a growing number of students, often within the constraints of limited budget and facilities. They must find innovative ways to support growing enrollment. Blended learning and online allow institutions to optimize their use of limited physical facilities.

Expanding Blended Learning

Blended learning, a combination of face to face and online learning modalities, helps institutions cope with growing enrollments, satisfy student needs for flexible learning schedules and maximize usage of their physical plant. Developing a quality blended learning program entails finding effective, engaging online content to supplement the traditional classroom experience and effective course redesign strategies.

Powering Online Learning

Pearson partners with institutions to build and scale effective online or distance learning programs that facilitate online student success. Our full-service solutions include best in class, development resources, and experience – covering content, technology services, and support. We help institutions design and deliver effective, comprehensive online programs that ensure measurable student success.