Improving Achievement

Pearson helps improve student achievement by tying together well-defined, effective learning outcomes for educators and students, by delivering clear assessment tools, and by providing a potent method for tracking progress towards learning outcomes.

We are all striving to improve student achievement, and so we work with educators to boost and accelerate remediation, improve student retention, and generally make students more successful through personalized learning and assessment.

Accelerating College Readiness

With a focus on accelerating the acquisition of basic skills, Pearson partners with institutions to move students successfully through a personalized program focused on the areas each student needs to improve. Moving students more quickly through developmental learning means a faster path to credit-bearing courses and more effective use of financial aid dollars.

Improving Student Outcomes

Pearson solutions provide personalized learning and assessment to improve learning and bolster student success. Based on your unique needs, our expert consultants will design an integrated solution to support you in meeting the challenge of improving student outcomes. Our award-winning customizable content, technology and services are proven and effective.

Increasing Student Retention

Effective implementation of Pearson's remediation and developmental education programs improve remediation success rates and therefore student retention while controlling developmental program costs. Our expert consultants will design an integrated solution to meet your unique needs for academic intervention and retention strategies for students.

Supporting Workforce Education

Pearson supports institutions as they continue to build out their adult learning offerings, create and expand their workforce certification programs and development training programs. Our expert consultants will work with you to find the right integrated solution to fit your institution's needs – bringing together content, technology and services to support adult learners and training program development.