Delivering Value and Affordability

The recession is driving record numbers of students to higher education in search of marketable degrees and job skills. Faced with rising degree cost, a multitude of choices, and a tight budget, students demand a high-quality, competency-based education that leads to an actionable career. Students search for an affordable education provided by an institution clearly dedicated to controlling tuition costs and controlling course material costs.

An affordable education is in high-demand. Those institutions offering a quality, affordable education will excel now and in the future. Controlling costs is a challenge, given that many colleges are losing funding due to cutbacks at the state and federal levels.

While administrators often wage a highly visible public battle controlling tuition costs, at times, little attention is given to controlling course material costs. Pearson Learning Solutions is an industry leader on this important front. We partner with institutions to deliver affordable education and to create sustainable, affordable solutions and pricing models to meet their unique needs.

Here are some of the solutions we provide:

Students pay less while gaining greater educational value from course content that is custom-designed and edited to meet the institution's and faculty's specific needs. Whether material is printed, delivered in an eBook or read online, greater control over what is in the text and what is not results in more focused, affordable content, boosting efficacy of teaching and learning. Customization goes a long way toward controlling course material costs and subsequently controlling tuition costs.

Digital delivery options provide educators and students with choices at different price points. Educators can develop an eTextbook using Pearson content or original material and educators can add third-party materials as well – our rights and research department clears copyright permissions. Choosing from these custom publishing options offered at different price points, helps institutions to control course material and tuition costs.

Delivering value and affordability becomes a perfectly attainable goal with Pearson as your partner.